Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Virginia=A Robin That Honors Girls with Virtues (Virgin) Plus Columbia

While Columbia movies are famous,
Virginia is well known for its representation
of word Virgin, in addition tom that, the state
of Virginia is an inviting place to be,
Virginia beach, Virginia forest reserves,
University of Virginia, Virginia birds,
plus city Richmond's sharp version in promoting
poetry, poetry reading and communication,
Please visit Virginia today.

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Georgia in Russia = Georgia in the U. S. =Gorge W. Bush + Malia Obama

When Russia decided to experiment capitalism
fully years ago, it didn't anticipate
the breakdown among those who disagree,
Georgia declared independence, a war
between Russian and Georgia goes on until today,
time to stop the fight for truce and peace.
Jingle Learned Russian in college,
love the culture and people there,
Please take good care.

Iamge Credit: Google.com, on Georgia in Russia or Europe, Georgia in America, Gorge W. Bush, Malia Obama, Hillary Clinton...Time to stop the war, no one will win, so it is a waste of time to kill soliders and
hurt innocent citizens, blessings...let America handle Geoegia, and Russia needs to focus on its own developemnt, trying to build a positive relation with China...improve people's lives...Thanks..

China=Chinese Banana=Chinese Panda

The shape of Mainland China resembles a rooster,
reminding Jingle of Sheng born in Beijing,
a rooster, China has the largest population,
it includes twenty-two provinces,
Shengjiang, Gansu, Sichuan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Jilin,
Helongjiang, and Nanjing are
famous for its unique locale cultures,
Chinese Banana is a metaphor, referring to
China-born individuals who has western heart.

JiuLong Bi attraction, featuring nine dragons

Summer Palace in Beijing, in Chinese, it's Yihe Yuan

Yuanming Yuan, next to Beijing University

Tian Tan (Tom Temple)

Beijing girl

Olympic Stadium

Nanpu Bridge at Shanghai, Pudong

PuDong (PengDoug), Shanghai, China

Beijing woman

Ford Auto Show in China...

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The University of Chicago (Magazine): The Unbeatable Oriole

People at The University of Chicago Magazine

The Wu family made Hyde Park,
and University of Chicago
their first home in America, 1992-1996,
weather is cold,
But they enjoyed Lake Michigan,
and museums located nearby or
at Downtown Chicago, Chinatown made life
there more close to home, After Justin's graduation,
The University of Chicago Magazine has
kept in touch with the family,

Chinese New Year Celebration; Sheng Sheng Beijing

Arkansas State University: The Remarkable Sparrow

Arkansas State University is known to Jingle
initially via its exceptional summer music program,
Sheng attended seven summers in a row,
Always been ranked as cello principle chair,
They honored Tom the same last year,
I googled their programs today,
knowing this red wolf also offers
other program inspirations, football, dancing,
student government, and more.
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yao Ming: His Contribution To Basketball Is Magnificent!

Being born in P. R. China,
with TALL body and talent,
Yao Ming is well know
in the United States
He is the focus of NBA on NBC
when basketball games are on,
He has made history,
He has serious body injury,
and he continues to play...
His dedication is excellent,
His contribution is magnificent.

Image Credit: Google.com
on Yao Ming and Yao Ming Fan

Britney Spears: She Is My Favorite Pop Singer!

Britney Spears,
her innocence and purity give all
thunder alike cheers,
her life has ups and downs,
but she refuses to die young,
people always remember her sweet voices,
and she is one of my favorite
pop singer choices,
she has grown strong,
she will enjoy life, and sail along.
I love her, she rocks.

Image Credit; Google.com: Britney Spears

Twitter.com: It Reminds Me of Birds Chirping!

Initially, I had fears to get on twitter,
Riika opened an account for Jingle Poetry,
Not bad, a new way to promote,
I eventually begin to do twitter
after Aleza resigned from JP twitter account
with more than three hundreds followers in,
I enjoy it, fast, easy, and charming,
It reminds me of birds chirping...

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