Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Georgia in Russia = Georgia in the U. S. =Gorge W. Bush + Malia Obama

When Russia decided to experiment capitalism
fully years ago, it didn't anticipate
the breakdown among those who disagree,
Georgia declared independence, a war
between Russian and Georgia goes on until today,
time to stop the fight for truce and peace.
Jingle Learned Russian in college,
love the culture and people there,
Please take good care.

Iamge Credit: Google.com, on Georgia in Russia or Europe, Georgia in America, Gorge W. Bush, Malia Obama, Hillary Clinton...Time to stop the war, no one will win, so it is a waste of time to kill soliders and
hurt innocent citizens, blessings...let America handle Geoegia, and Russia needs to focus on its own developemnt, trying to build a positive relation with China...improve people's lives...Thanks..

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