Friday, April 27, 2012

Ireland = Rhode Island+Judith Remington+Daydreamtoo+Lolamouse+Iran+Iris Murphy

"The Irish economy (JingJi) has transformed
since the 1980s from being predominantly
agricultural to a modern knowledge economy
focused on high technology.
Ireland adopted the euro currency
in 2002 along with eleven other EU member states.
The country has attracted several
multinational corporations due to
a highly educated workforce
and a low corporation tax rate."

Image Credit: on Ireland...Saint Patrick, cultures..

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ji's First T-Mobile Phone: The Singing Cuckoo Illustrating Love from Jiahong and Tom Lee Wu!

Tom bought a cell phone for Ji for Christmas
two years ago, Ji refused to activate it,
Jiahong determined to buy one for her,
and Ji decided to take the offer today,
on April 19, 2012, with the help
of Austin at Stillwater T-Mobile Retail store,
Jingle had her first cell phone in red color.

 Image Credit: on T-Mobile, Tom Lee Wu, Jiahong Wu, Ji Po Yan, Austin, Chris..Trenton,  Sheng Kent Wu, Home, Jia...Communication, Marriage, love, support.

Thanks for adding phone contacts to my phone, rock.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New York State: The New Shanghai's Admirable Blue Jay That Does Soulful Twit

 Sheng riding bike at Princeton , NJ, 1997

New York City is a dream place for many,
Jingle's family went there
to renew Chinese passport eventually,
and visited the statue of liberty,
Jiahong went to give a talk another time
at New York City University,
with Sheng and Ji explored
the neighborhood playground,
They had dinner at Chinatown, eating
famous Beijing Roasted Duck.

Numbers on the Wall written by Jingle ...Princeton, 1996-1997

 Princeton Winter Snow, Ji and Sheng,

 Sheng, New York City, trying to see the statue of Liberty

Jingle and Sheng, Jiahong's office at Princeton, NJ

Sheng, Princeton Home, times table, signs, names are written by Ji to Teach Sheng

 Flowers by Jingle, hand drawing to show Sheng colors and nature

Princeton Home Kitchen, Sheng...


 Sheng at New York City Park, !997

Sheng and McDonald...

Sheng and Dad in front of Institute for Advanced Studies

Image Credit:, on New York City, Princeton, family fun, talks on mathematics...