Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh Yeah, Do Whatever You Need to Be Different and True (Short Story Slam Week 23)

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Go and catch a swimming fish,
Release it for freedom's sake,
Tell me what's behind your bitterish wish,
Which orchards' leaves you would like to rake,
Allow me to hear mermaids singing,
Stay away from friends' envious stinging,
and have a clue
of what kind of blue
serves to keep your thoughts differ and true.
Come and pluck a twinkling star,
Pin it on your bedroom wall,
Tell me what your July daydreams are,
Sail on clouds that stand tall,
Halt winds that generate icy rain,
or jail limitless sins in your brain,
And be the first
to quench the thirst
on invading others' privacy, be my guest.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Waters and Fathers' Love

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Some fathers are born in waters...
I am haunted by waters:
Water I used to feed the lawn,
Water that runs down
a stream, over a stone;
Water that I drink from a bottle,
Water that's sweaty and will anxiously flow;
Raindrops sink to a root,
A downpour rushes down a friendly brook;
A lotus pond,
A busy lake,
A cold shower with gushing sound;
A bowl of egg soup on a plate;
A beer,
A soda to add cheer;
Icicles off the eaves,
Morning dew on fresh leaves;
Fathers' love is like summer rain,
It cleanses one's mind to erase the pain...