Saturday, September 29, 2012

Random Thinking on My Wishful Wishes! (Daily/Weekly/Bi-weekly Prompts)


Thursday Flash Fiction Week 28: Innocence and Dreams



Reading has given me bundles of talents,
Inspirations, chances, and wisdom.
Nothing eases trapped fears like books do,
Never meant to pay extra attentions
to wrinkles at corners of some poetesses,
I'm honored to remain halcyon
and connected despite ashes of a few
old friendships, I can savor printed words
with a cup of morning coffee, and
a box of Kleenex sitting next to my table,
Although bolts of noises climbed to my ears,
and damp storm predicted at the husk
of the autumn sky, I can still find the perfect
appetite to literature standing out grand,
and speaks up innocence
wonders like Disney fairy tales,
My partner is my best friend
besides words posted or published,
Prompts pop like popcorn,
The cloth of fiction or poetry will be never torn,
let the angry weather pass,
I would add cello, violin, blessings and bass,
to entertain every social class,
Let's live without wearing colorful glass,
Amen, I'm innocent like a child,
My wishful thinking to fly my words like kits in the wild
is divine! credit

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