Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Love, Again!

Yes, you believe that you are better woman,
insist that you shall marry her husband,
and wait for your turn to go official,
enjoy everything you deserve!
But as you know, many men disconnect their wives
to marry a worthy woman, not your lover?!
You are too fast to judge his wife's intelligence,
and you are too quick to drop your pants,
lay bare for him to ride on you,
you are too quick to claim that he is yours,
and you two are meant to be,
while at the same time,
he never truly speaks of love in open space
and he connects to you because you forced him to,
shame on you,
you are too quick to continue to claim "true love",
and live on his money or pity,
well, look at the mirror,
you are beautiful, young,
you deserve a man who can give you his entire world,
not just part of his world,
how can you feel comfortable
when your intention is to destroy his marriage,
and hurt his wife and children,
you make babies to bomb his original love and
you claim innocent,
God knows that you are a sin to this family,
shame on you,
you publish your relation and your love making every day,
to upset his beloved family members,
you are so low,
you are a prostitute who
simply offers sex for money,
he is not your only man? right?
as soon as he is gone for business trip,
you call your old pals, lots of boys
who can fuck you and make you feel good,
and then you lie, announcing to the world
that he is your sole love,
liar! cheater! shame on you!
stop claiming that he is your life,
and you love him unconditionally,
bite your lips, give us some peace.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Howard Lamson

Ice cannot shiver in the cold,
Nor stones shrink from the lapping flame.
Eyes that are sealed, no more have tears;
Ears that are stopped hear nothing ill;
Hearts turned to silt are strange to pain;
Tongues that are dumb report no loss;
Hands stiffened, well may idle be;
no sigh is from a breathless breast.
Beauty may fade, but closed eyes see not;
Sorrow may wail, but stopped ears hear not;
Work is, but folded hands need work not;
Nothing to say is for dumb tongues.
The rolling earth rolls on and on
with trees and stones and winding streams-
My dream is what the hill-side dreams!