Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rain, Rain, Rain! by Charles Jagongo Ogola


Rain, rain, rain
As kids, by then
We played in pools
And chased butterflies
Beautiful were flowers
Rain, rain, rain
Splash, splash, splosh
Warming is my heart, rain
This night, all come, sleepiness
Your song. My lullaby, rain
Rain, rain, rain
Happy kids and butterflies
Warm hearts and lullabies
Rain, rain, rain.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good Morning, Mister Sun sung by Big Bird (Carroll Spinney)

Good Morning, Mister Sun

sung by Big Bird (Carroll Spinney)

 Good morning
Mister Sun
Welcome to the sky
Shine on all the
Little creatures
As you're passing by
Stop yawning
Mister Sun
Time to make a day
Brightening every
Little corner
As you go your way

The moon and stars are
Fine at night
But when it's day
We need your light
So, we say, "Keep shining
Mister Sun
Smiling in the blue."
You'll see all the
Little children
Smiling back at you
And birds and bees
The flowers, the trees
The whole wide world
Will seem to say
"Good Morning
Good Morning
Mister Sun
Good Morning
Have a nice day."

Transcribed by Dave Frey

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mom by Jay Zhou Parrott

Mom oh mom without you i am no one.
Whenever i needed u,
you were always there for me,
mom oh mom without you i am no one.

You had bore the pain for me,
when i was in your big belly.

You raised me with full of heart,
as i was your only one,
mom oh mom without you i am no one.

You have always helped me,
in making me right,
whenever i was wrong.

Without you i would be going to a path,
which i would have never known,
mom oh mom i will make u proud my mom.

You always bring a smile on me,
whenever im sad and lonely.

I could have never asked for a mom,
as great as u my only mom.
mom oh mom im so glad to have you as my mom.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Torment by Ciara Kathleen McCarthy

 Heal My Mind
I Need To Talk
My Mind's Not Clear
Its Cluttered Much
No Peace Of Mind
A Mind In Stryfe
To Cope With Loss
Of Peace Of Mind
Every Day
No Peace Of Mind
A Ceaseless Night
When Comes The Day
Nightwares Wake
Day For Night
Night When Day
Awake The Pain
No Peace Of Mind
My Mind Diseased
Agony Awaits
A Festering Wound
A Brain In Pain
Approach The Night
I Sleep Away
Awake And Mourn
My Mind Diseased
Awaits The Stryfe
Ceaseless Ache
Unyielding Thought
I Beg For Peace
I Hurt Too Much
Disease Of Mind
No Peace In Thought
When In Mind
It Can't Clear
In Pain I Am
In Peace, I'm Not.