Friday, May 3, 2013

Torment by Ciara Kathleen McCarthy

 Heal My Mind
I Need To Talk
My Mind's Not Clear
Its Cluttered Much
No Peace Of Mind
A Mind In Stryfe
To Cope With Loss
Of Peace Of Mind
Every Day
No Peace Of Mind
A Ceaseless Night
When Comes The Day
Nightwares Wake
Day For Night
Night When Day
Awake The Pain
No Peace Of Mind
My Mind Diseased
Agony Awaits
A Festering Wound
A Brain In Pain
Approach The Night
I Sleep Away
Awake And Mourn
My Mind Diseased
Awaits The Stryfe
Ceaseless Ache
Unyielding Thought
I Beg For Peace
I Hurt Too Much
Disease Of Mind
No Peace In Thought
When In Mind
It Can't Clear
In Pain I Am
In Peace, I'm Not.

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