Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lone Wolf and The Depth of Summer Arts

A lone wolf is a wolf in solitude (a Lang of Jimo or Gudu),
It is a valley highlighting Oklahoma Quartz mountain and lake Altus Lugent,
where annual summer art camp on acting, ballet, chorus, creative writing, drawing,
film video, modern dance, orchestra, and photography takes place,
Officials under Julie Cohen,  Emily Clinton, Shana Rutz Gibelyou, and Jennifer Flecher
select outstanding faculty nationwide.

When we support Arts and Music, we value efforts made by foundations and donors,
It is those who put their artistic dream into action making a youthful artist's dream coming true.
energy at lone wolf spark fires while students spend two weeks create art work,
Many other camps from Alaska, California, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, Alabama offer
additional spirits to love wolf initiatives...Look at mount. McKmley, St. Elias, Foraker,  
Bona, Blackburn, Whiteney, Elbert, Himalaya...they lower their heads to agree.

A lone wolf is a loner that can be grey or pale,
a wolf's howl is loud to its prey,
when we listen to chorus or orchestra music sound,
we are made to believe that a music artist's talent is profound.

Invite Susan Page, Jack Green, Elizabeth Burns, David Mooneyhan, Molly Boren, David Boardman,
Kevin Blackstone, Scott Bergen, Brad Pitt, Angela Jolie, John Lavine, Joe Biden, Hank klibanoff,
Lois Wille, Morty and Mimi Schapiro, Julio Antonio Mella, Jerry Brown, Michael Isikoff,        Roxana Saberi, Joshua Green, Jeff Jarviss, Frank Wang, Mish /Barack Robinson, Peter Marks, Meredith Blecha, Amy Storm, Mary Fallin, Kimberly Henry, Ann and Burns Hargis, Christian Fallin, Let waves of tall tales, song bites, dancing steps, and inventive drawing be seen and heard.

Please worship oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, forests, deserts that nurture our life's health,
Chihuahuan, Sonoran, Mojave, Colorado, Painted desert are major forces under hook,
Here I also pen down Mississippi-Missouri-Red Rock river, Mississippi river, Missouri river,              Yukon river, Rio. Grande River, Arkansas river, Colorado river, and Ohio-Allegheny river,
Snakes of water and matches of tree shadows are roots to Lone Wolf and its healthy growth.


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Jessica Theodoragoss Block Bloomberg said...

I believe that everyone is an artist,

with opportunity, we all enjoy music and art.