Monday, April 21, 2014

Memphis : A Moon Fayette Si

Giant pandas are pets to Memphis zoo keepers,
The visit to Pink Palace Family museum is fruitful move,
Sheng has fun with Dr. Seuss features,
Tom, Carlosi and I love grizzly bears, and diving dophins.

Hands on experience exhibits seem always interesting,
we won't miss Hotel super 8 and Red Roof Inn,
We won't be bored at Butterfly house and golden fish at Nature Garden,
Memphis Saint Jude Children's research Hospital under Marlo Thomas is fulfilling.

We value Amanda Huang, Tiffany, Richard, and their parents, grand parents,
We bless Frank Huang, Xiaojun Huang, Steve Xie, Joyce Wong at New Jersey,
We admire Vanderbilt University at Nashiville,
We pay attention to Jerry Bona, Danping Peng, Xianghong Gong and their families
    at Memphis, San Francisco,  Madison, Chicago, and Austin...

Memphis (Meng Fei Si, Moon Fayette Xi)  is remarkable,
Yingcong Tan, Lixin Gong, Zhikang Tan, Zach Lewis-Hill, Tyrek Young are unbeatable,
Greetings to Theresa, Deborah, Megan, Vikki, Venassa, Jay, Cathy, Kathleen, Jiahui at Texas,
Let Mingze, Camille, Jeanne, Mimi, Alissa, Rachel, Sandy, Amy, lisa, Jilin, Sofia, Malia, Sasha,
Meredith, Gayla, Tanya, Tonya, Jing, Leslie, Mellisa, Pamela, Elizabeth, Mish, Janet enjoy Seattle.

Thumbs up to Larrys, Scotts, Bills, Williams, Michaels, Davids, Julias, Julios, Mortons, Mishes,
Byants, Ryans, Pauls, Ricks, Jis, Chris, Marys, Rosemarys, Joes, Arts, Justins, Christophers, Chads,
Brads, Bradleys, Burns, Taras, Anns, Annes, Annies, Amandas, Elsas, Helens, Thomas, Toms, Shells,
Marissas, Coras, Leahs, Kims, Mimis, Lauras, Sams, Mins, Adams, Matts, Alans, Davids, Erics...