Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Words That Contain Letter B: Be As Blissful As Bumble Bee

Bee, Be, Being, Ben, Bethny, Beth,
Boulder, Boss, Boston, Bow, Bowl, Bottoms,
Bread, Brave, Bracelets, Brady Districts, and Branches,
Bushes, Buses, Business, Buns, Bugs, Bombshells,
Barbecues, Babies, Baskets, Bottles, Battles,
Bamboo, Bachelor, Backyard, and Backbones...

Lots of words contain letter B,
Lots of world famous people relate to B,
Since B means peaceful B,
B dances with notable P or powerful D.

Mr. Burns is slim,
Mr. Brown is fat,
Ms. Barron is hot in fame,
Ms. Bona is superb in Exam SAT.

Barbara Park likes Julio B,
Barack Obama fancies about Joe Biden,
Bill Clinton jokes about Homer Simpson the Sitcom,
George Bush boasts about Texas oil and pumpkin Farm.

B is for Bills,
B is for Bagdad oil fields,
B is for bank account balances,
B is for Burlington shop Finances.

Big B,
Bad B,
Busy B,
Bossy B...

B words are fun,
B words are divine.
Be as blissful as bumble Bee,
Find a Bright way to live, stay, or flee.