Monday, January 26, 2015

the OK Eagle

a special dove bird,
that guards D & F Mini Food mart,
when a woodpecker enters,
it catches its sharp eyes and
lands in a shopping cart,
and then being carried away
to somewhere open, and free.

Hyde Park Poetry

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Big Red Dog Clifford by Norman Birdwell

Monotone mood,
A long walk around Boomer lake,
Hopeful thoughts understood,
A movie of woman in darkness pursued,
Tak3N or Bryan Mill,
Tom Harper or Edward Joyce,
Ms. Pocket Harry has done some good will,
She has London 1941 occupied with human grace,
Back to Perkins and Lake View,
Western Road leads to Children's cartoon:
Clifford by Norman Birdwell,
Denzil, Rylan, Lisa Carney has small farewell,
Crystal Boatman is a Christian,
So does Nicole Crethar and Meredith Rollin...
Wet windshield,
Dry football field,
Burns Hargis keeps Thomas Boone Pickens in hall of fame,
Jinping Xi and Liyuan Peng intends to respect crows the same....
Rebecca, Amanda, Mila, Trisha, or Dana,
Bob, Shepherd, Phil, Scott, Morton, or Julia

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