Monday, February 2, 2015

Down the Valley

isolated as planets,
the Mars burns,
a fire ball in outer space,
i telescope such from milky way,
like the moon hosting a horse race!
Grace the black space
with a silver gel pen,
our paper is filled with
sparkling dots-
the homes of aliens,
the genes of sages.....
schussing along a precipice,
a sweet attack on a chess dice,
the board game is tense,
but no smudges.
The atmosphere is heated up,
roasting the anxious cheeks
of the pilots from the air crafts,
the metal equipped coats are gauged
for immediate relief when the order is given.


an award from an online poetry setting, which is a motivation to me.
thanks. for week 80 perfect poet award, i wish to promote

Carolina Sebastian Walker Inhofe Martinez