Tuesday, February 17, 2015

shen diao xia nu or The Magical Eagle of Brave Masters

never an admirer of Jizhong zhang,
not much a fan of Mini, Yifei, Xiaoming,
I constantly freeze myself
in opera singers' voice,
referring to Joey, Timi, Liyuan, and Chunqi.
After a dozen years of research,
I let Brad Pitt, Angela Jolie entertain me,
Selma, Unborken, Hunger, The Maze Runner...
American movies occupy seats
like spring tiger lily.
The true KungFu among stars
have elegant face in an
Oklahoma facility.
In My Fair Princess or HuanZhu GeGe,
the characters are colorful,
it is about women who
can always find a way to
possess happiness depite strict
Government rule of Qian Long emperor.
I fancy Shen diao Xia Nu---
The Magical Eagle of Brave Masters,
the show is unique---
inner strength, diverse talents
among dozens of Gods in the field of
Medicine, Plants, Myth, Poetry, History!
the fate of XiangYang  city at Song Dynasty,
the offspring of Jin Guo, Rong Huang,
the love between Guo Yang, and Gugu (aunt) Dragon Lady,
plus Mochou, Mofeng, Fu Er, Martin...
everything is favorably interesting.


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a fine case shown here, well done.

Marcie Barack Lankford Ramsey Constantin said...


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love the details.

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a great summary of some famous asian movies and western movies,
well done.

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super nice.

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only a knowledgeable person can write this.

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