Wednesday, October 28, 2015

P is for Press Freedom, Halloween Parade, and Placid

P is for Press Freedom


Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

Halloween Parade

3WW Week No. 451 

placid, quirky, nondescript

my entry:

she refuse to be the person who goes liberal,
yet she decides not to ponder those quirky topics,
maybe sometimes,
not too often,
she wishes to enjoy her press freedom,
just writing poetry, compose short fiction
so that her perspective is known,
and her potential is read,
at last, she still wear plain shoes,
cotton t-shirts, and pansy pants,

any nondescript message sent to her makes
none sense
and under some placid feedback
to her poetry, biographic story,
she is accepted by many,
and the fishing net is out as always,
despite the risk of being pushed to her limit,
she swims, freely,
knowing that the water is deep,
and the horizon is wide.