Wednesday, December 2, 2015

the festival moment from okstateuniversity

people like to do contributions,
some go on research project,
some go on teaching and learning projects

a celebration took place
the edmond low lawn area is full
of joyful music,

let it snow, let it snow

many students dance
some wear red skirt and santa hats
a few post photos from JcPenney

let's read some names, with Burns Hargis,
see Bailey Norwood, Amie Harr, Jim Hill, Garey Fox,
Jeffrey Young, Shelbie Witte, Andrew Urich, and Guolong glenn Zhang

an award or a plaque is valuable
since Hongping Wu, Qun E Feng, and Ann Hargis,
we do pay attention to Rodney Jones, Kyte Perry, John Wolf, and Bret Danilowicz

another list of faculty is posted by Cynthia Wang,
along with Wenhui Wu, Ai E Dai, Tao Zhi Zhu, Chuanzhen Peng, and Ai E Wu,
we wave hello to Judy Wang, Yanqiu Wang, Ning Ju, Alan Noel, and Pamela Fry