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short story slam week 39: on a cousin who is both distant and close

short story slam week 39, the children's place, toys, games, puzzles, and cartoon books

back in 1967, Yan Yongtao ( 严咏淘) was born as the third child to the older brother of
Yan Simei or to the nephew of  Yan Juer, Yan Yongtao has two sisters, one is Yan Yongcui, 
another is  Yan Yongshun

our story rests on Yan Yongtao..

growing up a mile away from Han Shui ( Sweat Branch of Yangtze River), also a male lord
of his parents, Yan Yongtao always loves water, fishing boats, fishing nets

Yan Yongtao has many relatives, one is  Yan Ai Qin and another Yan Jun Qin from next door,
they are children of his father's brother, Yan Yongtao especially pays attention to Yan Jun Qin, 
who is a male child and a Tang Xiong ( 堂兄), brotherly friends

Yan Yongtao's differing cousins include Yan Ji (研吉), Peng Shuwa, and Peng Chuanxian, he remembers mostly about Yan Ji, only because she is such a rebel, choosing a name relate to family Yan, not Peng...Yan Yongtao's father is a brother to Yan Ji's mother Yan Simei

when Yan Yongtao made it to Wuhan University in 1985, the family of Yan, Peng all get excited,
because wuhan University is well known in Hubei Province, and ranked top 10 in China.

As a relative, Yan Yongtao has inspired Yan Ji  by the promotion of  (Yan Yongtao )Wuhan University,  he becomes a very popular figure in Yufan village, and words from and between
Pengjia Village and Yufan Village could be flirting

after a year, when Yan Ji was accepted to Beijing wuzi University,  what surprised Yan Yongtao
is that nobody resents Yan Ji from his family, his grandfather who often weaves babmoo baskets,
fishing, and swimming has stopped feeling inferior

Yan Yongtao's major is Law, and he happens to fall in love with a woman who also attends 
Wuhan University, who knows Yan Ji from Xiantao high school, and when Yan Yongtao and 
Fu Bixia gets married, Yan Simei and Peng Hounian both attended their wedding, and they have a child, a daughter who is Yan Xiangfei

before coming to USA for graduate studies, Yan Yongtao has worked in Yichang city,
being a brother to Yan YongShun (Sashi city, Macau), Yan Yongcui (xiantao city, guangzhou city),
and Yan Yongtao is excellent in Law practise, he wins approval of John Kerry, Ann Blaire,
and Hilary Clinton

today, Yan Yongtao is 49 years old, obtaining Yale experiences, and  his wife Fu Bixia
is Dean of Human Science and Law, they live in Boston, Massachusetts, and ruling many
cases via US supreme court. 


Yan Peilong
Yan Simei
Yan  Zhaojun

from Yan Peilong || Liu  qiaoer

Yan Yongcui
Yan Yongshun
Yan Yongtao (Joseph Singer)

from Yan Simei || Peng Hounian

Yan Ji
Peng Chuanwa
Peng Chuanxian

from Yan Zhaojun || Yiling Zuo

Yan Ai Qin  (Ann Blaire)
Yan Ai Jun
Yan Ai Zuo
Yan Si Lin

Yan Yongcui || Yang Zhiyuan
  Yang Fei

Yan Yongshun || Wu Jinlong
    Wu Chenxi

Yan yongtao || fu bixia
     Yan Xiangfei

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