Thursday, June 23, 2016

short story slam week 47, freedom parade

short story slam week 47, comfortable faith (june 23, to july 10, 2016)
Weatherford Daily News,
Colin Murphy and John Murphy have a july 4th parade

Look at Heather Harmon,
She is pretty, curious, and sweet

look at Matt Montgomery,
he is busy, relaxed, and great

Think about Garry Ray, Jim Morrison,
Belinda Mao and Benny Wu have fun waving their hands

I am this day's angel
I promote Derek Depel and Steve Young,

YMCA sports page,
I am glad to see Larry Page, Bryce Pruitt, and Rex Ryan

I am the host of july 4th party
I pass our national sugarbowl to Trent Boesen, Lucinda Southworth,

Paul Tisdal hears Joyce Gilbert and Sundai Pichar,
Robyn England supports Mimi Schapiro and Pam Lencioni

let the band drum out our doubts
let the july forth spirits carry out our unspoken fears

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i b arora said...

last two lines said everything