Thursday, June 23, 2016

weekend writing chance, short story slam week 47

Whirligig 65

   photo 63c819d0-11f2-45ab-8e81-8b91f001449e_zpsnfxsmwjh.jpg 

Coastal and Gulf near New Mexico,
Santa Fe fish meets Watonga eel

innocent looks
dark coat of flaring shawdow

wildflowers wave to restless wind
empty field filled with dandelion seeds

poppies and spools,
aflame and wanton wooltools

dams, fir trees, weeds,
leafy green contrasts bright yellow

you believe in Malia and Sasha,
I trust Uncle Sam and Doctor Seusss


annell said...

I enjoyed every well chosen word! Thanks so much for the poem!

i b arora said...

thanks for stopping by on my blog. i like the poem, beautiful words