Wednesday, August 16, 2017

classical asian-mid east movie scripts

颜军生, yan junsheng, he is included in a movie
林语堂, lin yutang, he is a writer for Jinhua Yanyun,
张子恩, zhang zi en, he is a director for capital kingdom romance
颜冠英 那英吃包, who knows why yan guanying and na ying eat stuffed buns?

冯德全早教方案, feng dequan early childhood stretchy, good instruction,
 阎罗王, yan luowang, a human who decides human grace in category of internationl balance,
 颜霁雨天迥, yanji yutiantong, a shelter for snowy, icy, frozen, or thunder storm condition,
尼泊尔 . 彭, 丽媛简历 nepal.peng, liyuan pearcesom brief poetry in Macau, a romantic memory

英文简历, yingwen jianli, english story including chinese sub
姚均, yao jun, an Anhui wit who writes and collects poems from Tang Dynasty and modern poets,
牛津大学, niujin daxue, oxford university, a institute from London, great Britain
 吴世勋, wu shihun, 吴世勋(Oh SeHun),1994年4月12日出生于韩国首尔特别市, Seoul actor

柳 宗元, liu zhongyuan, tang poet and great artist

赵薇, zhao wei, vikki chao as a movie queen

高红建, gao hongjian, modern writer and poet

杨万荣, yang wanrong, favorite woman actress

  jinhua yanyun movie

  lin yutang famous movie

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